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‘Works of the Law’

What are, in the Bible, the ‘works of the law’? The Ten Commandments or only things such as circumcision and the Sabbath?


Surely not only the ceremonial law, but also the Ten Commandments. When you abide by them without faith…

The Problem Is Contempt

What is actually wrong with it if you do not keep God’s commandments?


The transgression of the commandments is love for yourself and contempt of God and neighbour. The commandments describe how you give God and the neighbour what they…

Moses Was Only for the Jews

Why do the laws of Moses no longer apply to Christians? Are they not also the Word of God?


That is right, but you have to see who they are addressed to. Suppose that a family man says to his…

The Usefulness of the Old Testament

Why should I still read the Old Testament?


Because of three reasons. Firstly the laws that are in it are not actually in force for use, but they are still very useful. I do not hold them because Moses commanded…

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