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What is one to Do when Feeling Guilty?

When your conscience charges you, what do you do then?


Your conscience makes you feel guilty for what you have done. It lets your relationship with God depend on that feeling. And we have to unlearn that! Not because of our…

Good to God

When are you good to God?


Everyone thinks that God finds you good when you live a good life and so have a good conscience. In the past I did too, but now I dispute this nonsense. Because if it…

Baptism Without Faith Is Nothing

What does baptism mean when you do not (yet) believe?


Nothing at all, of course. He is not justifying at that point and you are not able to make use of it because only faith does that. Faith justifies and…

Christ As Sinner

How could the righteous Christ become sin for us?


Christ was, in His suffering, completely righteous and completely sinner, completely saved and completely damned at the same time – and if we do not want to say it like this,…

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