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Forgiveness of Sins and Guilt

How can I get forgiveness of my sins?


Beware that you do not do as the absurd people¬†who consume and waste away due to their sins, and who furthermore attempt to redeem themselves from guilt and punishment through good works…

‘To Justify God’

Sometimes you say that believing is the same as ‘justifying God’. What does that mean? We do not have to justify God, but He justifies us, or not?


Justifying God is agreeing with God in what He says about us….

The Great Rediscovery

What was the heart of your ‘rediscovery of the Gospel’?



I was completely moved by Paul’s letter to the Romans. I wanted to understand it. But I could not because there was written something that went against me, in Chapter…

Want To Believe in God

I wish that I could believe that there is a God.


I ask myself if you then know yourself really well. I frankly do not believe that we really want there to be a God. We do not want God…

To Imprint Promises

What is the task of a minister?


He has to imprint the promises of God faithfully to the people, to arouse faith.


Baptism Without Faith Is Nothing

What does baptism mean when you do not (yet) believe?


Nothing at all, of course. He is not justifying at that point and you are not able to make use of it because only faith does that. Faith justifies and…


When God promises grace, why do you still have to believe it?


Grace and promise are both so necessary, that neither of them can exist without the other. You cannot believe when there is no promise to believe; and the…

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