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The doctrine of the antichrist is mainly deduced from 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-11 and from the Epistles of John (for example 1 John 2: 18). Since ancient times, the antichrist has developed into a person or system in opposition to Christ. John Wycliffe saw the papal dominion as anti-Christian.

Luther agreed with this somewhat. He did not deduce the doctrine of the antichrist from the eschatology, but the other way around. Because he saw the papacy as anti-Christian, he started from the eschatology. The papacy was anti-Christian for Luther, because they made the claim to be above the Scriptures. Because Luther saw the papacy as a manifestation of the antichrist, and because the antichrist would appear at the end of time, Luther saw his time as the last time. Luther notes in the Schmalkaldischen Artikeln, a creed for Lutherans, that the pope is the antichrist.

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