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Faith Does Not Start With Works

How do I get real faith and trust?


This is definitely the most important thing that you have to know! In the first place, it surely does not come from your works or because you have earned this, but only…

Forgiveness of Sins and Guilt

How can I get forgiveness of my sins?


Beware that you do not do as the absurd people¬†who consume and waste away due to their sins, and who furthermore attempt to redeem themselves from guilt and punishment through good works…

Christ’s Suffering in the Old Testament

How is the Old Testament fulfilled in the suffering of Christ?


David, speaking as a prophet, declares in Psalm 8, in a unique way – and that for all people on earth – the Person of Christ, and says: ‘What…

Christ As Sinner

How could the righteous Christ become sin for us?


Christ was, in His suffering, completely righteous and completely sinner, completely saved and completely damned at the same time – and if we do not want to say it like this,…

Cheap Grace?!

Is grace not cheap if we do not have to work for it?


Because He, Christ, has become King and Priest for you and He gives these great benefits to you you are not allowed to think that this has…

He Made Himself the Son of God!

Had Jesus to die according to the law, because He made Himself the Son of God (cf. John 19:7)?


Every person owes himself to God and we are all sinners. Therefore, we all are¬†guilty of murder and we all have…

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