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Civil Disobedience

To what extend do you have to obey the government?


Listen always to the government. As long as the government does not trespass its commission you have to listen to it. When you rebell against injustice, then you are even…


What does ‘Abba’ mean?


That is Aramaic. It is the word what little children say when they talk with their father in childlike confidence and they say: ‘daddy, daddy’. The easiest word there is!

And by such words faith speaks through…

Central Point

You have had a discussion with Erasmus about the (un)free will. Is that such an important issue?


You bet! Erasmus went at least to the heart of it. He has not bothered me with side issues such as the pope, purgatory,…

Free Will?

Do we have a free will?


By no means, because of many reasons. I shall summarize thusly:

If you believe that God knows and guides everything beforehand, you also believe that He cannot be wrong and that nothing can deter Him…

Not Neutral

Why do you have such a big problem with free will?


Because you make humans ‘neutral’ because of it, as if there were a middle position between good and evil. That is a false image, a fiction that people have…

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