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Real Death and Real Resurrection

What does baptism mean?


Two things: baptism and resurrection; and together that is the whole content of justification. When the minister baptizes the child in the water, that means his death. When he lifts it out, then that means life….

Fortunately, Infant Baptism

You are not really an advocate of adult baptism…


No! Even apart from all theology, suppose that baptism is just only administered to adults, then it has to go wrong. Indubitably one is going to devise, just like with the…

Return to Your Baptism

When you have sinned, what do you do with being baptized?


When you arise from the sin and you repent, as it were you return to the power of your baptism. You go back to the promise of what once…

Baptism Is As a Ship

You say somewhere that baptism is as a ship. How do you mean that?


This ship is strong and indestructible. The passengers are those who are on the way to the harbour, that is to the fulfilment of what God has…

Baptism Without Faith Is Nothing

What does baptism mean when you do not (yet) believe?


Nothing at all, of course. He is not justifying at that point and you are not able to make use of it because only faith does that. Faith justifies and…


When God promises grace, why do you still have to believe it?


Grace and promise are both so necessary, that neither of them can exist without the other. You cannot believe when there is no promise to believe; and the…

Preferably Completely under Water

Is sprinkling with baptismal water good or do you have to be immersed completely?


I would like to see that the person being baptized is held completely under water. That is the original meaning of the word and also the…

Different and Still One

Christians are very divided among each other; should that not be different?


Christians are not divided, but one in Christ (and through Him with the Father). How? Not through our works, but through the Word that He has given us….

As a Marriage

How do you become one with Christ?


By faith. Faith contracts, as it were, a marriage between Christ as the bridegroom and the soul as the bride. That is such a perfect marriage that human marriage is only a weak…

3, 2, 1 Sacraments

How many sacraments are there?


According to Rome there are seven (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Confession, Marriage, Holy Orders, Anointing of the Sick), but I dispute that. For now I limit it to three: Baptism, Confession and Eucharist.

Actually you only have to…

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