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Inside and Outside

If you live well, why are you still a sinner?


We only see the outside and can not conclude much from that. Two people can do the same thing and that in a completely different way at the same time….

Good Because He Must

People who do not believe in God also do good things, without faith. How do you understand that?


They indeed do that, but they do it like children who only do what the teacher says, because they are afraid of…

What Is Your Conscience?

What is your conscience?


A spiritual authority that assesses your deeds, whether they are good or evil. On the grounds of that it tells you if you are guilty or innocent; the conscience charges you or acquits you, it frightens…

What is one to Do when Feeling Guilty?

When your conscience charges you, what do you do then?


Your conscience makes you feel guilty for what you have done. It lets your relationship with God depend on that feeling. And we have to unlearn that! Not because of our…

Does Faith Permit Us to Sin?

You say that you have to distrust your conscience and instead you have to believe Christ. Does this not give you permission to do as you please?


Christian freedom of conscience only applies between you and God, not between you…

Christian Freedom

What is Christian freedom?


A Christian is a free lord about all things and subject to none; but a Christian is also a servant in all things and everyone’s subject.

That seems to be contradictory, but both are true. Christ too…

‘Works of the Law’

What are, in the Bible, the ‘works of the law’? The Ten Commandments or only things such as circumcision and the Sabbath?


Surely not only the ceremonial law, but also the Ten Commandments. When you abide by them without faith…

How Much Guilt Is Necessary?

How much remorse do you have to have before you may know that your sins are forgiven?


When you build forgivenmess on remorse, you build on sand. Then you make faith in God dependent on the works of men. Forgiveness…

Doubt Is Disbelieve

Is it not dangerous to know for sure that your sins are forgiven? Is it not better to keep doubting that, so that you remain humble?


No, because that is unbelief and that can never be good. You have to…

Childlike Faith

What is ‘childlike’ faith?


Children only know what someone tells them and they believe in that. They simply assume that the promise is true and they give glory to God. But we old fools always keep discussing whether the thing…

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