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Want To Believe in God

I wish that I could believe that there is a God.


I ask myself if you then know yourself really well. I frankly do not believe that we really want there to be a God. We do not want God…

Sense of Sin

You often talk about sin. Frankly, I personally do not feel so sinful at all.


I have thought about that a lot. That you do not feel the weight of sin, has to do with what sin is. Sin wants…

Saint and Hypocrite

What is the difference between a saint and a hypocrite?


A saint sees himself always as a sinner, although he in reality is justified, but a hypocrite finds himself always good, although he is a sinner in reality. So, saints…

Worst Sin

What is the worst sin?


Disbelief. Nothing provokes God so much as disbelief, because when you do not believe God, you see Him as a liar.

Two Sorts of Sunday Rest

How do you have to celebrate the day of rest?


In two ways, bodily and mental.

The bodily rest is that you stop working to go to church and to pray. This rest is no longer obligatory, as Paul says in…

The Usefulness of Fasting

Is it good to fast?


Only to kill and to moderate sinful desires. It does not have meaning by itself, but only in the context of the fight between the flesh and the spirit. Whoever does not suffer from temptation…

No Compromise

Could you not make a compromise with your opponents now?


Sorry, but it is one or the other of us. I, or my enemies, shall be in hell: the one who is wrong.

Sureness outside Yourself

How is it that you are so sure of your opinion?


The secret is that my theology places me, as it were, outside myself. I do not have to trust in my own power, own conscience, own vision, own character…

Isn’t Certainty Haughtiness?

Is it not haughty to be as certain as you are? You have to be modest, right?


On the contrary, a Christian rejoices in certainty! Surely it is miserable if you are always just insecure? Of course, I also know…

How You Recognize Heresy

How can you recognize if something that is said about God is really true?


Let me put it this way: heretics always say what people want to hear. They do not go against opinion, or above it, but what they…

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