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Two Sorts of Tolerance

Nowadays you often hear that you have to be tolerant. Do you also find that to be true?


There are two sorts of tolerance. The one looks like a lot, but does not mean anything. Everybody leaves one another alone…

The Boundary of Meekness

There is in the Bible a verse that says you have to offer the other cheeck when someone smites you. Does that really always have to be done?



No. There is a sort of meekness that goes against God’s will. About…

‘To Justify God’

Sometimes you say that believing is the same as ‘justifying God’. What does that mean? We do not have to justify God, but He justifies us, or not?


Justifying God is agreeing with God in what He says about us….

The Great Rediscovery

What was the heart of your ‘rediscovery of the Gospel’?



I was completely moved by Paul’s letter to the Romans. I wanted to understand it. But I could not because there was written something that went against me, in Chapter…

You Think You Can Do It

If you know you have done something wrong, can you choose to live better from now on, or not?



That is what Erasmus also says, yes. He says again and again that humans can do what he wants to or…

Only Comfort

Why do not you have to be afraid of death?



None of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord:…

Read Humbly

How do you need to read the Bible?


You cannot understand the Bible merely by hard study and much reading. It begins with humble prayer. Ask the Lord to give you insight into His own Word. Nobody has the Word…

Every Day New

You have translated the whole Bible and you have preached thousands of times about it. Is there really something new to discover?


Yes, every day. Every text is inexhaustible. Therefore, you can always keep on growing in learning to understand…

The Bible Is Clear

Everyone appeals to the Bible for support of his own opinion. Is the Bible not unclear and vague?


I immediately admit that many texts in the Bible are difficult to understand. But the content of the Bible is nowhere unclear. But you…

God’s Love is different

How does God love?


Human love is love for something which is worthy of love. When you see something beautiful and lovely, you are going to love it. But with God’s love it is the opposite. That love does not…

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