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Two Sorts of Tolerance

Nowadays you often hear that you have to be tolerant. Do you also find that to be true?


There are two sorts of tolerance. The one looks like a lot, but does not mean anything. Everybody leaves one another alone and does not bother each other. The lions and snakes also do so, or criminals. As long as you do what they want, they leave you alone. That is easy: when the devil gets what he wants, even he is tolerant! But when you insult such people, it comes out what is in them and then it turns out that they are full of intolerance.

Real and good tolerance are different. That happens when you get right with enemies, namely when you do not retaliate, do not curse back, do not gossip, do not make plans to bring the other down, even if he takes much away from you. This real meekness repays, if possible, evil with good and prays for them.

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