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Sense of Sin

You often talk about sin. Frankly, I personally do not feel so sinful at all.


I have thought about that a lot. That you do not feel the weight of sin, has to do with what sin is. Sin wants to hide. It cannot stand the light. Sin therefore makes us blind to ourselves.

What you need is a sort of mirror, in which you can see yourself as you really are and not as you think yourself to be. And that mirror is Christ. God has come to us and ‘has become sin’ for us, to show us how we really are. Had He not done that, we would never have known who we really are.

So, you are going to see your own sins only when you look at Christ. That is hard work. It means that you have to deny the stubborn feeling that you are good and that there is nothing wrong with you. And you have to get used to another feeling (that is from God), by sincerely believing that you really are a sinner and do and say wrong things. Because that is what God wants to show us. Even if we do not feel like it yet, it is true.

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