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Predestination Shall Turn Out to Be Real

Why is there predestination? Is not that dishonest? 


A difficult question, so let me preface what follows by saying that awe and worship of God are important here. When the way God is honest can be understood by us, then it is no godly honesty anymore. Because He surpasses our thinking infinitely, His honesty also is unfathomable for sure. 

But let me try to make it clear with a comparison. When you see how unequal it is on earth between people, then you almost have to think that there is no God. Everything goes smoothly with bad people, but good people hit bad runs. We cannot understand that. But against the backdrop of the Gospel it seems that this injustice vanishes like fresh snow. Because life shows that it does go well for the ungodly good, but that their soul gets lost. And it is perhaps bad outwardly for the upright, but their soul is kept alive forever.

When the light of the Gospel is able to solve that huge difficulty so easily, what shall happen then when at the day of jugdement the light of glory shall shine and God shall reveal Himself as He is, without any secrets? Do you not think that this light of glory is also able to solve the question as to why there is predestination? Now God’s judgement is still a mysterious righteousness for us, but later on it shall turn out in the most clear way that it is completely true. We are, in the meanwhile, thereby encouaged by the wonderful example of the light of the Gospel.

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