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Faith Does Not Start With Works

How do I get real faith and trust?


This is definitely the most important thing that you have to know! In the first place, it surely does not come from your works or because you have earned this, but only from Jesus Christ – by grace promised and given! As Paul says: ‘But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us’ (cf. Romans 5:8). It is as if Paul wants to say: would not that give us a mighty andĀ invincibleĀ trust, that even before we prayed for it or thought about it, yes, when we still walked in sin after sin – that Christ died for our sins?!

Look, this is the way you have to make Christ clear and you have to see how God, in Him, shows and offers you His mercy without your former merit or worthiness. From this example of grace and mercy you have to take courage for the faith and trust in the forgiveness of all your sins. Therefore, faith does not start with works – those also do not make faith!

Faith and trust have to originate with and flow from the blood, the wounds and the dying of Christ. Only in that you see that God loves you so much that He even gives His Son for you. Then your heart must become soft and flexible, loving God and your neighbour. And likewise faith and trust shall grow and increase through the love of God – through God’s love for you and your love for God.

We have never read before that someone received the Holy Spirit because he has worked, but always when he has heard the Gospel of Christ and the mercy of God. Faith and love have to stem from this Word. Because Christ is the Rock from what they suck butter and honey, as Moses says (cf. Deuteronomy 32:13).