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He Made Himself the Son of God!

Had Jesus to die according to the law, because He made Himself the Son of God (cf. John 19:7)?


Every person owes himself to God and we are all sinners. Therefore, we all are guilty of murder and we all have to die. Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law. He was executed because He took our place and He wanted to pay for our sins for us. However, in His Person He was completely innocent of breaking the law of Moses – so that one had to kill the blasphemer. But because He has come to stand in the place of all people, He also had to expect their punishment.

We people, after all, want to make ourselves into sons of God, yes, we want to be God Himself. Adam started this sin in paradise. Because he let himself be stirred up by the old serpent, the devil, because it was not enough to be a perfect creature of God, created in the image of God. Therefore, Adam did not want to remain human, but to be God – knowing good and evil. When he followed the old serpent and wanted to be equal with God, he did not become God, but [as it were] a devil (cf. Genesis 3:1).

Now we all follow our first father Adam and we want to be equal with God. Because our wisdom, our power, our religion, our sanctity, our money and our possessions have to make us sons of God. We put our trust in this. But we do not rely on God’s goodness, mercy and grace. Briefly: this is the first sin that Adam committed and that he passed on to us.

It is this sin that now in and through us is continued without ceasing. Adam himself wanted to be God and God had to be nothing. All children of Adam do this, therefore it is true and it is well said: ‘Who makes himself God’s Son, shall surely die’ – that are we!