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About Check Luther


This is a very special site about the reformer Martin Luther. Here you can contact Luther himself, virtually! You can ask him all your questions (what is our target group?). Do you want to hear from this great theologian in his own words why he started the Reformation and why he was seized by the Gospel? Or how he would look at economic crises or what, according to him, is the core of love? Then you are at the right place.

The answers in the name of Luther are a paraphrase in contemporary English of literary statements of Luther. For the enthusiasts the original is also included (collapsible).

Further we have the largest collection of translated texts of Luther in the world on the source material page. We also tell you the story of Luther’s life and there is a page with background information about Luther’s visions, his time, the people around him and of course his many enemies.

This site is still under construction, and growing, so check back often for new material!

Martin Luther Heritage foundation (more information: here)



Dr. Luther, what do you think about this website?


Let them not mention me and call themselves simply Christian. What is Luther? What I will say, it is not mine. I am only a poor stinking maggot sack, incomprehensible that they call themselves to me. I am no one’s master and I do not want to be either. I have, just like everyone, the one, general doctrine of Christ, who alone is our Master. Look at Mathew 23.

(WA 8, ‘Ein trew vormannung Martini Luther tzu allen Christen, sich tzu vorhuten fur auffruhr unnd emporung’ (1522), 685: ‘Tzum ersten bitt ich, man wolt meynes namen geschweygen und sich nit lutherisch, sondern Christen heyssen. Was ist Luther? ist doch die lere nitt meyn (…) Wie keme denn ich armer stinckender madensack datzu, das man die kynder Christi solt mit meynem heyloszen namen nennen? Nitt alszo, lieben freund, last uns tilgenn die parteysche namen (…) Ich byn unnd wyll keynisz meyster seyn. Ich habe mitt der gemeyne die eynige gemeyne lere Christi, der alleyn unszer meyster ist. Matth. xxiij.’)